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 F A B R I C S H E A R S


Any time you’re working with fabric it’s best to cut it to size with a special pair of scissors—separate from those you use for other household tasks. Fabric shears have long, sharp blades and ergonomic handles. You can pick up fabric shears at your local craft supply store or find them online here.

The really important thing to remember with fabric shears is to ONLY use them on fabric. If you start using your shears to cut paper, tape, cardboard, and for other random household needs, they'll get dull. Dull scissors don't cut fabric well at all. I keep a pair of plain scissors at my desk for paper and that sort of thing so that I'm not tempted to use the fabric scissors. So, take it from someone who's ruined at least three pairs of fabric scissors and do your best to keep them sharp!



Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a scissor hoarder. I won’t tell you how many pairs of snips I have but I will tell you that it’s a 2-digit number. Suffice it to say, I’ve tried a lot of different little scissors and I’ve learned a few things. What I really look for in embroidery scissors is for them to have short, sharp blades, but maybe not super sharp tips—I don’t want to get stabbed when I’m reaching for my scissors (they also have to be super cute, obviously).

Embroidery is my job, so I don't want to waste precious time trying to cut thread with dull blades. I've compiled a list of some snips that are both sharp and cute, so you won't be thwarted by dull blades. 

  • My sharpest ever scissors have been my Gingher Stork Embroidery Scissors—these are an embroidery staple. Sharp, shiny, and sweet, they are so, SO worth the investment. I love that they have a nice leather sleeve to protect them (and let's be honest, they’ll protect you too). If you’re going to get just one pair of embroidery scissors, you can’t go wrong with these.

  • My other favorite type of snips are Putford scissors. I picked mine up from Purl Soho (they no longer have them, unfortunately) but I’ve also found them on Etsy from a variety of sellers, and on Amazon where they have a dozen different colors (including silver and gold). These scissors are SO cute, but they are also sharp. They cut thread easily but have a slightly rounded tip, which means I don’t do myself an injury if I reach for them in my bag. Travel bonus: the blades are SUPER short, so I often choose them as my airport carry-on snips and have never been stopped with them.

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Lastly, I want to talk about those thread snippers that look sort of like tweezers. Many of my fellow embroidery friends LOVE these. So based on those recommendations I ordered a 3-pack from Amazon. I gave theme a try but they weren’t for me. They ARE super sharp. So sharp, in fact, that I'm a little bit afraid that I'll stab myself with them. I'm really clumsy and drop my scissors several times a day, so I'm worried about hurting myself or my furniture. I'm also slightly paranoid that my little kids will get hold of them and hurt themselves. I also find it problematic that they just don't close all the way. These are really easy to use because you don't have to wedge your fingers into any tiny handles, so if you’re an adult working at a desk who does not need to juggle toddlers and embroidery, and you do not drop every third thing you touch, I totally recommend these. Budget Bonus: they are ridiculously cheap.

Happy Stitching,

xoxo Lauren