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The type of needle you choose to stitch with depends on two main factors—the type of fabric you’re using and the number of strands of thread you’re stitching with.

I often stitch on linen-blend fabric, this has a slightly wider weave than say, cotton. With a wider weave, you can get away with using a slightly larger needle—this is a good thing because it means you can easily thread all six strands of thread through the eye of the needle. With a wider weave you can also use a needle with a dull tip, like a tapestry needle, meaning you stab yourself less as you stitch and you can slide your needle along the backside of your fabric without snagging it as you find the exact point where you want to push it through. My favorite needle for this type of situation is a size 22 tapestry needle. I use this size 90% of the time.

If you choose to work with a fabric that is has a tighter weave (think Kona cotton) or is significantly thicker (twill, canvas, etc.) you’ll want to go for a slimmer needle with a sharper tip. In these cases I switch over to an actual embroidery needle, these have sharp tips, so be careful! I find that I can get by with a size 9, although it’s definitely more challenging to thread if I’m using all six strands of thread.

Happy Stitching,

xoxo Lauren