About the Artist

For me, life is about gathering. Gathering feathers, seashells, art, books, and houseplants, but also skills, adventures, memories, and friendships. As I watch my young son collect countless sticks and pebbles on our walks, I see the reflection of my own love of nature in his curious spirit. From early childhood, I've felt a pull to create--to feast my eyes on the beauty of the world, mix it with my own feelings and ideas, and use my hands to churn out something new. As an adult, I now recognize that I am an intensely visual and kinesthetic learner; what I see and the textures of my environment have a profound effect on my mood and enjoyment of life. I love to immerse myself in lush, green landscapes and return home to a bright, colorful, and cozy interior where I can reflect on memories made and adventures yet to come.

Throughout my formative years and even during adulthood, I have invested innumerable hours in music. I love to sing in choirs, play the piano, and recently picked up the ukulele. Although my time spent in art classes has been very little, I have tried my hand at beading, watercolor, acrylics, ceramic arts, quilting, knitting, and all sorts of furniture DIY projects. I became enamored with fiber arts in the last several years and began exploring embroidery early in 2015.

These days, motherhood is my primary job and is a role that I love and take very seriously. My son is brilliant, kind, and everything I could hope for out of a child. That being said, parenting does not always fulfill every part of me. My hands and heart require an outlet for creativity that is separate from my job as a mother, but that allows me the flexibility that parenthood requires.

From the moment I embroidered my first piece, all I wanted to do was to make more. The ideas poured out of my brain like a waterfall in spring and have never ceased to flow. I make time for embroidery nearly every day--even when dishes need washing or laundry needs folding. My brain feels relief when I transfer my ideas onto paper and the concentration I put into drawing designs pushes extraneous worries away. The methodical movements of pulling my needle and thread through fabric, the perfect tension of the fibers, and the measured control I have over the work stems the tide of anxiety that I so often struggle with.

Embroidery is the perfect combination of what I need and what I love. It gives me a purpose and sense of accomplishment outside of my role as a mother, spouse, and home-maker. It waits patiently for me when the other parts of my life take up my time. Through embroidery I can contribute a little bit of beauty to the world that gives me so much. Although I will continue to gather other passions and skills, maybe even careers throughout this lifetime, I can confidently say that embroidery will continue to fill my hands in the moments that they are not already occupied by my lovely little family.

My husband and I were both born and raised in Oregon and recently decided to shift our lives a little bit further north to Seattle. We adore our new city and the opportunities it brings for growth and adventures. I feel so inspired by the water, mountains, and charming places that surround us here and look forward to rooting into our new community.